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Welcome To The Kinder Approach To Wedding Favours

Let us help you take care of this part of your big day with minimal fuss.

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Send an email to weddings@kindersoaps.com to request for our Wedding Gift Brochure. It includes ideas and price guides – a quick start for your planning needs.

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We’ll discuss your dream wedding favours, our capabilities and of course, your budget. We’re a friendly bunch – ask any question at all and we’ll do our best to help!

3. Relax

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Once we have decided on your wedding favour of choice, just kick back or go about your other important to-dos – and just wait for your goodies to be delivered right to your doorstep.

Wedding Soap with Stamp


 Nur Izzah Dhaniah Ibrahim
Nur Izzah Dhaniah Ibrahim

The guests love the wedding favour! Some even asked for more haha! The presentation was english and rustic just the way I imagined it. I’ve tried the soap and loved it too! It doesnt make the skin feel dry like most soap bars… It’s smooth on my skin and the smell was so relaxing…

Tq michelle!

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How Are We Kinder On Your Skin – And Our Environment?

Our Products Are All-Natural

No artificial preservatives or fragrances in all our products. We aim to soothe the most sensitive of skin, and have been holding on to this ethos ever since we began making soap 7 years ago. Our forté has always been in helping people with troubled skin find a chemical-free alternative to basic skincare.

Which Makes Them Harmless To The Environment

Unlike detergent based cleansers, all-natural soap does not contain sulphates, which can suffocate waterways by causing algae blooms. Our skincare products are free from particulates or chemicals that may burden our environment.

And We Keep Packaging To A Minimum.

We proactively encourage our customers to do away with plastic shrink wrapping wherever possible, and make our very own biodegradable cotton beeswax wraps to protect our soap. We generally favour glass over plastic. Recycling is an ingrained habit. We believe that every little action counts towards reducing the amount of garbage that ends up in landfills.

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