Are you looking to buy our products, have a custom gift hamper lovingly made, or would like to know more about The Kinder Soap Company? We’d love to hear from you!


11A-A (First Floor), Jalan SS 22/23,
Damansara Jaya,
47400 Petaling Jaya,
(Take the stairs on the right of the Uniform Shop)

We’ll always do whatever we can to make sure your needs are met.

What we can do for you

  • Send you your soaps by arranged pick-up, deliver, or via courier
  • Prepare custom gift baskets
  • Specially-prepared premium soaps as favours for special occasions, such as birthday parties, weddings, corporate events etc.
  • Answer queries and concerns you may have regarding handmade soap in general

58 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Shukreen says:

    Hi Michelle! Stopped by to get some kid-friendly soap for Nasreen – she opens her own Montessori today! When will you have more Goat’s Milk + Patchouli soap? :)


    • Michelle says:

      Hey Shukreen, oh WOW, congrats to Nasreen on opening her Montessori school! Must speak to you more about this. ;) Goats Milk and Patchouli will be ready only closer to Christmas Day itself, perhaps around the 20th. I’ll put up a notice on my blog when they’re available.

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  3. airam says:

    hi Michelle..i am glad to know that there is a very special soap born in Malaysia which is made by you.Congratulations for such a good work.I happen to know your soap via a program on NTV7 recently and i am so interested to know more and even wish to purchase it straight away. But as i am living in Sarawak, it is impossible to do it so fast as i wish. Hence, i would like to ask whether i can purchase it and how do you charge for it?Look forward to hear from you soon.

  4. Quinn says:

    hi michelle! i’m keen on getting goat milk & patchouli for a friend, and her last day at work is next tues.

    is there a miracle, that you might have physical stock?

  5. Sharon Jong says:

    Hi Michelle,

    I’m new to your page. Haven’t been using soap for ages, was only opting for bath foam instead. But coming across your page, I thought why not give it a try with all the goodness that it gives to the skin.
    Would like to try the soap sampler pack. But couldnt customise the soap that I’d like to get my hands on.

    Please advise on how to proceed with the selection of soaps.

    Thank you :)

  6. Cindy says:

    Hi Michelle,

    Good day to you. Do you happen to conduct or plan to conduct any soap making classes at your Jaya 33 outlet? I like to take it up as a hobby, preferrably evening classes on a weekday.

    Do alert me if you have such activity.

    Thanks and best regards,

  7. Olyve says:

    Hi Michelle, I have extra long hair & I need natural shampoo for it. Do you sell any? I would also like to buy natural facial skin care & body lotion. Thanks.

  8. Slee says:

    Hi, I would like to know how long does delivery usually take if I live in KL? I am traveling on next Friday so hoping to get it before then.

  9. Lysa Lu says:

    Hi Michelle, i got to know about your products from the Melody FM. Feel glad that there is special soap that i can try for my eczema. My eczema happened on my lips and nose. May i know which products should i use? Can you please introduce it? Thanks ^^

  10. Khoo Teng Giap says:

    Hi Michelle
    Just would like to check with you whether do you still collecting back the muslin bag? I think i have around 11 pieces. Now i get my stock from Better Life Pharmacy in Pulau Tikus, Penang. Can i pass the muslin bag to the pharmacy? Thanks

  11. Shanni Chen says:

    Dear Michelle, my 6mths old daughter is having lots of rash/eczema on her head. It made her so irritable and itchy. Sometimes she will cry so hard while scratching the head. Was recommended by one of the mommies about your product. Can you kindly recommend something? Would really want to try out. Thank you.

    • Michelle Ho says:

      Hi Jasvinder, yes you need to send them back to us, either by mailing it to our shop or dropping it off by hand. Here’s our address:
      11A-A, Jalan SS 22/23,
      Damansara Jaya,
      47400 Petaling Jaya,

  12. Lisa Lee says:

    Hi Michelle, is your shop closed today too? I have been trying to call your shop but there’s no pick up. Is the contact number provided active?

    • Michelle Ho says:

      Hi Lisa, I’m so sorry that you couldn’t get hold of us. We have been open – but sometimes if our Sunshines step out to quickly grab lunch or do a post office run, the shop is usually empty. :( Our number is active – 03-7732 0955.

  13. KIKO says:

    Hi Michelle, do you still offering a package deal RM215 for 12 soaps? Because I had finish them last month and I wish to drop by your shop on Saturday to sign up again. I wish to pick up some of them on that day as well.

    • Michelle Ho says:

      Hi Kiko, sorry but we have stopped offering our Package Deals in favour of our points and rewards system. Something new and exciting for our regular customers is coming your way though, so keep your eyes peeled! ;)

  14. jollycolours says:

    Hi Michelle, I would like to a get a soap sampler pack, do you think I can get “Clarity” and “Dream Time”? They’re all out of stock. :( Since you mentioned that they’re usually from cut-offs.) Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Mayy Woo says:

      Hi Yew Peh

      Presently, we have ran out of Clarity. We have forwarded you the list of soaps available for soap sampler pack to choose. Looking forward to your reply soonest.

      for Kindersoaps

  15. Inang says:

    Hi Michelle,
    Is the shop in Jaya still open? I need to get my hands on soaps for my horrible eczema skin. I used the goat’s milk and patchouli soap before, it was great. But i see that you’ve ran out of those. Thinking of dropping by tomorrow to grab some breakfast bar instead.

    • Mayy Woo says:

      Hi Inang
      We have since shifted to our own premise in Damansara Jaya last July 2014. Our new address is as follows:

      11A-A, 1st Floor (above The Uniform Shop)
      Jalan SS22/23
      Damansara Jaya
      47400 Petaling Jaya
      Contact: 03-77320955
      Opens daily except Sundays and Public Holidays, 11am – 6pm

      We are situated on the same row with Public Bank on the inner road of the shoplots, facing The Atria Shopping Centre (under construction).
      Feel free to call us before you head over to our shop as we would like to ensure someone is there to attend to you. Not sure where? Do call us for direction. Alternatively, you can order online for it to be despatched to you.

      Warm Regards
      for Kindersoaps

  16. Eileen says:

    Hi. My face develops allegies when I moved house at tge beginning of year. That leaves some scars. Would lavender oil help?

    • Michelle Ho says:

      Hi Eileen, thanks for writing in. I’m sorry to hear about the scarring that was left by your allergy. :( Generally speaking lavender essential oil does encourage skin to heal, but your choice of carrier oil in which to dilute the essential oil is equally important. I recommend trying to get rosehip seed, tamanu or seabuckthorn oil. Hope this helps!

  17. Jess says:

    Hi there, just took a taxi to and fro Jaya 33 to look for you. Would recommend putting the new address on yr homepage. Just checking…are you open at damansara? I have tried calling the no just to be sure, and there is no pickup. I have a fresh burn – all over my thigh. It is still fresh and wanted to pop over to pick up an oil that cld help with the healing while it is still bright-chilli-red ;-)

    • Michelle Ho says:

      Hi Jess, I’m so sorry we missed you! Yes we are open in Damansara Jaya, just down the row from Public Bank. I have updated our Contact Us page to include our new address (my oversight, I’m so sorry!). Our Teselli Body Soufflé could help with the healing. We’ll be opening between 12pm and 6pm daily except Sundays and public holidays from today onwards.

  18. Audrey says:

    Hi! Have any of your customers used your soaps for psoriasis? Would love to try but wanna make sure that others have used before. If so, please let me know which soap? Thanks.

    • Michelle Ho says:

      Hi Audrey, sorry to hear about your psoriasis. We do have customers who have the same condition, and we always advise them that we cannot guarantee a cure with our soap. However, they have used most of our soaps without any untoward incidents, and have found our Breakfast Bar, Goat’s Milk and Honey and DreamTime soaps to be the most helpful or suitable for their skin. I hope this helps!

    • Michelle Ho says:

      Hi Agnes, I’m terribly sorry about that, we were supposed to be open that day. :( Let me have a word with my staff to find out what happened. In the meantime would you like us to ship your order to you, free of charge, to make amends? Just let us know by sending us an email at Thanks, and my apologies once again for the unexpected shop closure. -Michelle

  19. Hussein AZ says:

    Hello Michelle,

    I am very happy to be using Kindersoaps! You recommended me to buy the hair soap with the teatree oil, it is very refreshing and “minty”.
    I always expected handmade soaps to have a poor lather, but this one is super rich and foamy. Most importantly, my hair feels really good.

    Thank you :)


    • Michelle Ho says:

      Hi Hussein, thank you very much for your lovely feedback! I’m so glad that you enjoy using our soap. Have a lovely holiday season, and we wish you and your family all the best for the new year. :) -Michelle

    • Michelle Ho says:

      Hi Grace, thanks for wanting to drop by! I’m sorry we missed your calls. We open everyday between 11am and 6pm, except on Tuesdays, Thursdays and public holidays. Apart from calling us, you can also drop us an email at to let us know when you’d like to visit, or if you have any specific questions you need answering. Have a lovely weekend ahead!

  20. sofya says:

    Hi dear..saya ada masalah di bahagian dahi penuh dengan biji2..tapi bukan jerawat.. Some says its cholesterol oil, milea seeds? I don’t really know..but its been many years, n become more n more..can u suggest anything that I should try?

  21. Shiv says:

    Greetings Kindersoaps,

    I would like to enquire regarding reselling of your products. Perhaps in wholesale purchase and then reselling? Do let me know as I would like to create a whole new lifestyle too in the pure way. If there is a program such as re-seller or partner options, do let me know I am interested with that.

    Humbly waiting for your reply.


    Dear Sir/Madam,


    I’m Salwahida Mohd Mohaiyidin, final year Technology Management student of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) undertaking a research entitled “The Impact of Sustainable Manufacturing Practices on Sustainability Performances in Manufacturing Industry”.

    As part of my primary data collection, I’m conducting a survey which will need a few minutes of your time to fill out a questionnaire and your responses hold a great significance in my quest of data collection.

    Please find the questionnaire in the link below and please be informed that all responses to this questionnaire will be kept confidential (for academic study only).

    Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.

    Link to the questionnaire:

    Best regards,
    Salwahida Mohd Mohaiyidin

    • Michelle Ho says:

      HI Salwahida, thanks for getting in touch with us – both through our website, and email. As mentioned in the latter, I have submitted our response, and we hope that you will do well with your studies! :)

  23. Xinyi says:

    Hello Kindersoaps,

    I’m wondering if tea tree essential oil is not available anymore? Couldn’t seem to find it on the site :(


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